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      Everybody is welcome in the Ziggo Dome

      That is why we feel it is important to make the building accessible to everyone. In addition to our special facilities, our security and service staff is always at the ready to assist and inform visitors, or to escort them to their seats.

      We advise wheelchair users to make use of the ground floor facilities as much as possible. An overview of the Ziggo Dome’s accessibility for disabled visitors is available below.


      We advise visitors with restricted mobility to use parking garage P1 – Transferium, located below the Amsterdam ArenA and directly opposite the Ziggo Dome:

      • This is the nearest parking garage. The main entrance and exit both lead to the Ziggo Dome on the other side of the street.
      • The overhead clearance for cars is 2.5m (as opposed to 1.90m for the other parking garages)
      • This parking garage has the highest number of disabled access parking spots. A European Parking Card for Disabled Persons is required to park your car here.
      • During events, P1 parking attendants will check for European Parking Cards for Disabled Persons upon entry. The rate is 20 euros per vehicle during events. A modified rate of 6 euros per vehicle applies for AJAX football matches.
      • These parking spots can NOT be reserved in advance.

      The same applies for when an event takes place in the Amsterdam ArenA.

      Other parking garages with disabled access parking are P3, P4, and P5, all of which have an overhead clearance of 1.90m.

      We do not advise visitors with mobility issues to use P2, as it leads to the Ziggo Dome via a stairway/walkway. P-Dome is also suited for visitors with restricted mobility, but has only a limited number of disabled access parking spots.

      All of the parking garages mentioned above are managed by the Amsterdam office for parking (Parkeergebouwen Amsterdam).

      Accessibility for disabled visitors

      The ground floor is all on one level and is easily accessible to wheelchair users. The seats on the first and second tier can only be reached by stairs, and the emergency exit routes pass through the staircase.

      The first and second tiers are accessible to wheelchairs or walkers. Just report to a member of the security staff near the entrance, who can then escort you to the elevator. Keep in mind that there are still a minimum 7 and a maximum of 31 steps between the tier and the actual seat. The exact amount depends on your row number and seat number (the tier’s entranceway is located in between row 7 and 12).

      The wheelchair or walker will be stored near the entrance and away from the walkway by a member of our service staff. They are stored at the owner’s risk.

      We advise visitors who cannot stand for long and/or have to use the elevator, to stay seated for 5-10 minutes after the end of the show so that the main crowds in our foyers are over.



      For most events the event organiser reserves a door at the main entrance for wheelchair users. Prevent unnecessary queuing by checking the signs above the main entrance doors to see if there is a special entrance for wheelchair users.

      • The most important locations in the buildings are indicated with large signs in contrasting colours for the benefit of visitors with a disability.
      • There are two accessible toilets with automatic door openers on the ground floor.
      • Low-level lockers reserved for wheelchair users are also available. These can be found next to the accessible toilets.
      • The event organiser will reserve seats for wheelchair users in the Auditorium, which require special wheelchair/attendant tickets. These tickets can usually be purchased online, depending on the ticketing agency. In some cases the ticketing agency should be contacted directly.
      • The Auditorium has a platform reserved for wheelchair users and attendants. Tickets for the wheelchair platform can be purchased through the official ticketing agency, as with regular tickets. One attendant ticket can be purchased for each wheelchair ticket. These tickets can usually be purchased online, depending on the ticketing agency. Choose the ‘wheelchair/attendant spots’ category. In some cases the ticketing agency should be contacted directly.
      • Earplugs can be purchased at the low-level service desk on the ground floor.
      • Service dogs are permitted inside.
      • The Ziggo Dome does not have wheelchairs available for visitors.


      Around the Ziggo Dome