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      You can park your car at one of the public parking places nearby the Ziggo Dome.

      Parking tickets at the parking locations
      Parking tickets can be bought against the event rate of €20 at the parking meters located at P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6, starting from four hours before the concert begins.At the parking meters of P1 and P Dome you are able to buy parking tickets against the event rate of €30, starting from four hours before the concert starts and two hours after the concert has ended.In order to do this, you have to press the separate event button on the parking meter. Only if you press this button you will be charged the event rate.

      Parking tickets at the Ziggo Dome

      It is possible to buy parking tickets for P2, P4, P5, P6, P10 and P18 at our service desks on the ground floor for €21. We do not sell parking tickets for P1, P3 and P Dome.

      Reserve online
      Parking tickets can also be bought online via, or

      For information concerning accessibility, dropping off and picking up disabled visitors, visit this page.

      We kindly ask you not to park your car in the residential areas in Amsterdam South East.


      Parking is also available in the P+R network: easily park your car on the edge of the city and continue by public transport. More information about parking and a map with parking locations can be found further on this page.

      Check the page of the event you are visiting for the latest updates. 

      Plan Route


      Onder de Johan Cruijff ArenA vind je parkeergelegenheid P1/Transferium. Op dagen dat er in de Johan Cruijff ArenA een evenement plaats vindt, is de P+R gelegenheid in P1/Transferium gesloten. Vindt er geen evenement in de ArenA plaats, maar is het wel druk in de omgeving? Dan raakt doorgaans deze parkeergelegenheid snel vol. Voor actuele informatie over P1 en het wel of niet open zijn van het Transferium verwijzen we je graag naar deze pagina.

      Parking locations

      • P Dome
        De Passage 90 1101 AX Amsterdam (a 2 minute walk)
      • P1 ArenA
        Burg. Stramanweg 130 | 1101 EP Amsterdam (a 2 minute walk)
        (24/7 open.)
      • P2-Borchlandweg
        Borchlandweg | 1099 CT Amsterdam (a 10 minute walk)
      All locations

      • P3 Mikado
        De Entree 228 | 1101 EE Amsterdam (a 10 minute walk, opened 24/7)
      • P4 Villa ArenA
        De Entree 7 | 1101 BH Amsterdam (a 5 minute walk, opened 24/7)
      • P5 Villa ArenA
        De Entree 7 | 1101 BH Amsterdam (a 5 minute walk, opened 24/7)
      • P6 Pathé ArenA
        De Corridor 15 | 1101 BC Amsterdam (a 10 minute walk, opened 24/7)
      • P7 Haaksbergweg
        Hoogoorddreef 66b 1101 BE Amsterdam (a 10 minute walk)
      • P10 Plaza ArenA
        Herikerbergweg 288 | 1101 CT Amsterdam (a 15 minute walk, opened 24/7)
      • P18 ROC/HES
        Fraijlemaborg 131 | 1102 CV Amsterdam (a 15 minute walk, opened 24/7)


      You can carpool to work but also to a concert or event!
      Whether it is to enjoy the company, share the costs, relieve traffic jams, or to save the environment, any reason to carpool is a good reason.

      You can also share the time you need for preparatons: one can arrange the tickets, another plans the route, a third one finds the best place to park. Is there a fourth person in your party? That one can buy the first round of drinks!


      Drop-off and pickup

      There are several options for dropping off or picking up passengers at the Ziggo Dome.


      You can drop off passengers at De Entree 222, situated next to Villa ArenA. Just follow the yellow signs marked ‘Afzetten evenementen’ to reach De Entree (see map).

      The Ziggo Dome is just a few minutes away from De Entree on foot (please consult the map for route details). Drop-off at De Entree is free.

      Please be advised that these spots are only suitable for brief stops and cannot be used for parking.

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      Around the Ziggo Dome