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      On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact us by using the form

      Ga je binnenkort naar een concert of evenement in de Ziggo Dome, of ben je nieuwsgierig naar de maatregelen die gelden? Dan vragen we je om onderstaande FAQ goed door te lezen en na te leven. Deze maatregelen zijn gebaseerd op de richtlijnen die wij ontvangen vanuit de Rijksoverheid en worden bij wijzigingen bijgewerkt. Houd daarom deze pagina en die van de desbetreffende concertorganisator goed in de gaten zodat je op de hoogte bent van de laatste updates.
      1. Do I need to have a corona admission ticket to visit an event in the Ziggo Dome?

        As of the 23rd of March 2022, corona admission tickets for visitors of events are no longer mandatory.

      2. I am not vaccinated and do not want to test. Can I visit a concert?

        That is possible. According to the current rules of the government, you can visit concerts without additional measures.

      3. Is there distance between the seats?

        Within the current measures, a fixed seat with a distance of 1.5 meters is not mandatory.

      4. Is it mandatory to wear a face mask?

        No, it is not mandatory to wear a face mask. 

      5. Can I sing along during the concert?

        Humming, singing, cheering: it's allowed again!

      6. Is the air quality in the venue safe?

        With the advanced ventilation systems in our venue, we comply with the guidelines set by the government regarding ventilation.

        For us, the safety of visitors and employees has the highest priority. We therefore keep a close eye on the current government advice regarding ventilation systems and follow this up when necessary.

      7. Are there extra hygiene measures?

        Yes, in addition to extra hygiene measures, extra cleaning rounds have also been planned.

      8. Is it mandatory to keep 1,5 meters distance?

        No, this is not mandatory.

      1. What is the minimum age to be able to visit a concert?

        The artists decide the age limit for events at the Ziggo Dome. If no minimum age is specified, the Ziggo Dome applies a minimum recommended age of 16 years old. If you are not yet 16 years old, we recommend going with someone who is 18 years or older. This recommended age is not binding. For visitors under the age of 18 who visit a concert unaccompanied, the responsibility lies with the parent(s)/guardian(s). Visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed access to night events. 

        We also advise you to use ear plugs during a concert. Ear plugs can be bought at the service desks in the Ziggo Dome. For more information visit the website of I Love My Ears.

      2. Can I enter and exit the auditorium during a show?

        You can exit the auditorium towards the foyer, but you cannot go all the way outside and come back in.

      3. Is the standing area divided in sections?

        The lay-out of the area depends on the event that is taking place. This is determined by organising party in question.

      4. What time do the doors open?

        This differs per concert or event. Check the website of the organiser for more information and the start time as indicated on this website.

      5. What are the company rules?

        You can find the company rules here.

      6. Is smoking allowed in the auditorium?

        No, smoking is not allowed in the building. Security personnel will keep a close watch. A single smoking violation is followed by a warning, in case of repeated violation we can decide to remove the person in question from the building.

      7. Can I bring a camera into the auditorium?

        It depends per event. For the most regular evening shows and concert, simple pocket cameras, meaning non-professional cameras and cameras without interchangeable lenses, are allowed. However, it is always up to the band itself whether the audience is allowed to take pictures during an event. It is also possible that the organiser decides on the night of the event itself to disallow cameras. Our staff will inform you about this at the entrance and will sometimes let you give the camera for safekeeping at the security where you can pick it up again after the event. However, this is not always possible. Check the website of the organiser of the event in question for the rules about camera use for the event in question.

      8. Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks?

        It is not allowed to bring your own consumptions. Please contact us in advance in the event of special diets or allergies. 

      9. Is there any public transport at walking distance of the venue?

        Yes, it is about a 10 minute walk from station Bijlmer ArenA. More information about how to get to the Ziggo Dome can be found here.

      10. Is public transport still available after the event?

        For current arrival and departure times check the 9292 public transport planner.

      11. Where can I find a map with seat numbers?

        A map can be found on the website of the ticket sales organisation.

      12. Can I sit anywhere?

        In most cases seated tickets are sold by seat number. Unless stated differently on the event page you are not able to pick your own seat.

      13. Is there a supporting act?

        Any supporting acts for the concert or event in question will be announced on this website. You can also check the website of the organiser for the latest updates.


      14. What time does a concert or event end?

        End times differ per event. Check the website of the organiser of the event in question.  For regular evening shows and concerts the latest end time is about 23:00 hrs (subject to delays and possible encores). As soon as the time schedule is known it will be posted on the event page in question in our calendar. On the evening of the event itself, the time schedule will also communicated on the screens in the public area. 

      15. Is there an intermission during the event?

        That differs per event. Check the website of the organiser of the event in question.

      16. Do you organise meet and greets with the artist?

        No, we do not. In some cases, a meeting with the artist is organised by the concert or event organiser. 

      17. Can you send me posters or brochures?

        No, we do not send those out. We do not have posters or brochures of events available.

      18. How can I stay informed about events planned in the Ziggo Dome?

        You can stay informed about events in the Ziggo Dome by checking the calendar. Besides that, you can subscribe to the YourGuide. This is our personalized newsletter which you will receive once a month. You can also follow us on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

        to the agenda

      19. Can my child under 18 get accompanied on location?

        No, you need to arrange for accompaniment yourself.

      20. Can I book a room in the adjacent hotel?

        Sure! You can book a room for one or more nights at the Jaz Amsterdam Hotel. If you would like to book a room, click here.


      21. Are there any lockers available?

        There are locker rooms available on the ground floor that can be used. The rate is € 2. The dimensions of a locker are: 50 x 23,5 x 25,5 cm.

        Directly above the entrance outside of the Ziggo Dome, Lockerpoint ArenAPoort can be found. You can rent a large locker here for storing luggage that is not allowed inside the venue, such as backpacks, weekend bags, trolleys, a helmet or suitcases. The luggage lockers are open until 1 hour after the event ends. Visit the Lockerpoint website for more information about the dimensions of the lockers and the price.

      22. Do you have a cloakroom and what is the fee?

        Yes, in the foyer you will find free cloakroom facilities.

      23. Can I get something to eat before the show?

        Yes, you can. From the moment the doors open, you can get sandwiches and various snacks at the food outlets of La Place inside the Ziggo Dome. If you prefer to dine in a restaurant, : there is a restaurant located right above the entrance of the Ziggo Dome, which is called Soundbites by LUTE. The menu as well as the interior of the restaurant is inspired by big cities from all over the world. Soundbites by LUTE has an inviting terrace overlooking the square in front of the Ziggo Dome. You are also able to diner in the Ziggo Dome at the Restaurant Member Lounge. For more tips on where to go check the drinks and food page.

      24. Is Ziggo Dome also accessible for disabled persons?

        We welcome everyone in the Ziggo Dome. That is why we think it is important that the building is accessible for anyone. More information can be found on the accessibility page.

      25. Can I breast pump at the Ziggo Dome?

        Breast pumping at the Ziggo Dome is no problem, though we do not have a space that is explicitly designed for breast pumping. The most appropriate and suitable space to breast pump is the First AID room. Here you have the privacy and facilities needed to breast pump (electrically or manyally). Please ask the service employees where this First AID room is located exactly. When arriving at the Ziggo Dome, please tell the security you need to breast pump so they'll allow you to bring your equipment inside. 

      26. What is your bag policy?

        It is not allowed to bring a bag with you to shows at the Ziggo Dome. Only handbags that aren’t bigger than the size of an A4-paper (8.27 x 11.69 inches) and no thicker than 10 cm (3.9 inches) are allowed inside. If you do bring a bag bigger than this, you will not be allowed to enter the venue. The organizer of the concerning event will do its best to reduce queues much as possible. We politely ask for your understanding and cooperation.

        Directly above the entrance outside of the Ziggo Dome, Lockerpoint ArenAPoort can be found. You can rent a large locker here for storing luggage that is not allowed inside the venue, such as backpacks, weekend bags, trolleys, a helmet or suitcases. The luggage lockers are open until 1 hour after the event ends. Visit the Lockerpoint website for more information about the dimensions of the lockers and the price.

      27. I have lost something in the Ziggo Dome, where can I see if it has been found?

        All found objects are listed on iLost within 3 working days. If you don’t see your lost item on iLost within 3 working days then you can assume we didn’t find it.


      You can find all information about payment at the payment page

      1. What is a safe ticket sales address?

        On our website is a link to the organiser of the concert or event. Click the link to find more information about the official ticket sales points. A list of reliable ticket sales addresses can be found on the website ‘weet waar je koopt’  (know where to buy). Attention: there is always one (1) official sales point per event.

      2. Can I also buy tickets in a store?

        That differs per event. On our website is a link to the organiser of the concert or event. Click on the link to find the official ticket sales points.

        A list of reliable ticket sales addresses can be found on the website ‘‘weet waar je koopt’’ (know where to buy).

      3. Do you also sell tickets at the door of the venue?

        That differs per event. In some cases you can buy the last tickets at the Ticket Office near the entrance of the Ziggo Dome. However, this is only possible if the event is not sold out. The organiser of the event can choose to sell the last available tickets at the Ticket Office. In that case, you can only buy tickets on the day of the event itself from about 1,5 hours before the doors open (the time is noted at the event in question in our calendar under ‘doors open’).

      4. How do I know I have an original and therefor valid ticket?

        Tickets can have the right logo and all kinds of safety features but still be invalid.

        One of the official companies selling tickets is Ticket Service Nederland (TSN). TSN cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets that are purchased from other parties (black marketeers, individuals). TSN advises you to solely purchase tickets through the official sales points: www.ticketmaster.nlFree Record Shops, the larger tourist offices [link], the known pre-sales addresses or by telephone 0900-3001250 (45cpm).


      5. How do I know when the presales start?

        If the presales has not started yet, we will indicate the date the presales will start for the concert or event on our website. The presales start date can also be found on the website of the concert or event organiser. 

      6. Is it possible to purchase tickets for wheelchair seating online?

        Yes, it depends on the organiser, but in most cases you can purchase tickets for wheelchair seating. You can indicate your preference when ordering tickets and reserve a seat on the wheelchair platform. 

      7. You sometimes refer to Live Nation but then I end up at Ticketmaster. Is this safe?

        Yes. The ticket sales of Live Nation is done through the Ticketmaster system (

      8. I have lost my ticket, what should I do?

        Contact the ticket sales organisation where you purchased the tickets.

      Halls and acoustics
      1. How is good sound created?

        Various elements determine the sound:

        • the acoustics of the concert auditorium 
        • the sound equipment
        • the voice of the artist(s)
        • the sound technicians

        The acoustics in the Ziggo Dome has been taken into account from the very start. In order to realize excellent acoustics, special provisions have been made during the building to realize excellent acoustics, from the ceiling to the stands, from chairs to walls.

        Ziggo Dome has no influence on the other elements. The sound installation varies in brand and size per concert: it is brought along by the (crew of) the artist or band and used in each tour location. The sound technician, who is responsible for the volume and tuning of the sounds produced by the artist or band, also tour together with the artist or band. For the artist(s) it is important to be able to correctly handle the microphones and other equipment on the stage. If all these elements match, then the sound is good.


      2. What is the sound volume?

        The Ziggo Dome measures the sound levels during events and applies the guidelines of the Covenant Prevention Ear Damage Music Sector.

      3. What is the height of the stage in Ziggo Dome?

        Ziggo Dome does not work with a fixed stage setting. The stage setting is determined by the artist. Ziggo Dome always advises a stage height of 2 meters (for an event where the audience is on the auditorium floor) to optimize the sight lines, however, the final decision lies with the organiser of the concert or event. 

      4. Why are there (no) video screens?

        It is possible to hang video screens in the Ziggo Dome. Artists and bands determine the presence or absence of video screens. This choice lies with the artist and management of the artist. 

      5. Who determines the sight lines?

        The sight lines are determined by the organiser of a concert or event and not by Ziggo Dome. Based on the sight lines, the organiser organizes the ticket sales. 

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