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      Hearing protection

      Enjoy music safely

      Ziggo Dome finds it important that its visitors are able to enjoy music in a pleasant and safe way. Some people experience sounds louder than others and to make everyone’s live experience pleasant, we offer high-quality hearing protection at various locations in our building.

      Wearing hearing protection at concerts has become the rule rather than the exception. The audience as well as the musicians wear hearing protection to protect themselves against harmful peaks in the sound level. Back in 2015, Dutch pop venues and the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport signed a covenant to prevent hearing damage. By offering Alpine hearing protection inside the venue, Ziggo Dome is taking concrete steps to protect its visitors against loud noise.

      Where can I find hearing protection?

      Alpine Hearing Protection is available at all service desks in the Ziggo Dome. You can choose from PartyPlug (Pro Natural) earplugs and Pluggies Kids filter earplugs, plugit (no filter) and Muffy earmuffs are available for small music lovers (from 3 to 12 years old).

      View the locations below:

      Ground floor

      Our partner: Alpine Hearing Protection

      With hearing protection from our partner Alpine you get even more enjoyment from things you love to do, like listening to live music. That is why this premium brand has developed special earplugs with filters, which ensure that the music does not distort and that the music perception remains fantastic. The Alpine PartyPlug earplugs are equipped with special music filters, because of this you are able to have conversations and enjoy the music while projecting your hearing.

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